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Francesca De Serio

Area 08 - Ingegneria civile e Architettura
tel: +390805963557
sito web personale: [vai]
curriculum vitae: [scarica]

ricevimento: venerdì, ore 10.00-11.00. Per studenti Erasmus: mercoledì, ore 12.30-13.30. Inviare mail per concordare altri orari.




June 2021: Passed the National Scientific Qualification for Full Professor 

June 2021: Associate Professor in ICAR/01 - Hydraulics at Poliba

June 2018: Senior Researcher (RTDb) at Poliba-DICATECh

2001-2018: Research Associate at  Poliba-DICATECh

February 2001: PhD in Hydraulic Engineering for Local Environment and Territory 

November 1996: Graduated cum laude in Civil Engineering (Master Degree), at the Technical University of Bari


Since 1998: Lectures and laboratory tests at Poliba - DICATECh in: Maritime Hydraulics, Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Hydraulics, Hydraulic Constructions.

2014 - 2017: adjunct professor, teaching the post-graduated course of ‘Lab and Field Data Acquisition and Processing’ in the School of Doctorate of the Poliba.

Since 2016: in charge of the Maritime Hydraulics Course (Master Degree´s Course in Environmental Engineering) at Poliba.

In 2019: in charge of the Hydraulics Course (Bachelor Degree´s Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering) at Poliba.

In 2021-22: in charge of: Maritime Hydraulics (Master Degree´s Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering); Hydraulics for Building (Bachelor Degree´s Course in Building Engineering); Environmental Hydraulics (Bachelor Degree´s Course in Management Engineering) at Poliba.

Since October 2019, DICATECh Erasmus Coordinator.


Interested in environmental and maritime hydraulics with specific focus on: processes of turbulence and sediment transport at wave breaking; monitoring and modelling in semi enclosed basins; dispersion mechanism and transport in vegetated flows; jet spreading through obstructions also in rotating basins.

Pubblicazioni scientifiche

Elenco pubblicazioni presenti nel  Catalogo dei prodotti della Ricerca


Collaborazioni internazionali

Coasts around the globe are the interface where all sorts of effluents are issued into the ocean, often in the form of turbulent jets. They not only issue water and sediment, but also carry pollutants and nutrients. Disturbance of dynamics of discharging jets caused by changing effluent characteristics and environmental conditions (sea level rise, coastal vegetation) might have implication for how these scalars mix into the oceans and the pathways they follow, with also consequences for public health, land loss and ecology. The aim of this research is to improve our capability to describe how jets interact with the environment they discharge into, providing useful insights for possible mitigation of undesired and harmful impacts.

  • CNRS, Grenoble INP, LEGI, University Grenoble Alpes - Grenoble (FRANCIA)
  • The Technion - Haifa (ISRAELE)

The interplay among coastal vegetation, sediments and currents is very complex, thus its understanding is paramount to effective estuarine/coastal planning and management. Moreover, the monitoring of vulnerable coastal sites by means of ad hoc surveys and/or fixed stations is helpful in revealing the principal trends and patterns of coastal hydro/morpho-dynamics. Therefore, this research aims mainly at assessing the mutual actions induced by natural vegetation, like salt marshes and seagrass, coastal currents spreading and sediemnt dynamics. The understanding of the mutual influence of all these factors, acting together, is challenging and is a key issue, being strongly related also to flooding and erosion hazards.

  • Scottish Ocean Institute - University of St. Andrews - St Andrews (REGNO UNITO)