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Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Construction and Chemistry

The Department is the structure that the documents belong to more homogeneous Disciplinary Scientific Sectors, which coordinates, implements and teaches, even in more than one office and in collaboration with other bodies, scientific research, teaching and training activities as well as those addressed to external to them to correlate or accessory.

piano culturale 2021-2023


di Laurea, Laurea Magistrale, Dottorato di Ricerca e Master universitario erogati dal DICATECh



tra professori Ordinari ed Associati, Ricercatori ed Esperti impegnati sui corsi di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale



afferenti ai 19 settori scientifico-disciplinari organizzati in 4 macro-aree di ricerca

The Department promotes and coordinates research activities, to all those involved in the use of resources, without prejudice to the autonomy of individual professors and their right to access research funding.

convenzioni di ricerca

The Department takes care, even in competition with other Departments, avoiding overlaps and redundancies, organizing and carrying out educational and training activities. It also provides educational, scientific and logistical support to individual professors and to study and PhD courses, in the scope of their activities.

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